Why Stay Home When You Can See the World?

From growing up  in a small town thorough most of my life, I started to  notices how much importance my peers put on things that I found unimportant and minute. It may be rude of me to belittle these ideas and events but in my mind there is so much more life can offer you.

Over the years Ive had a reoccurring thought that many of the people around me were stuck in a never ending cycle of dullness. They live in a small town, go to the community school, put an unnecessary prominence on the school events that literally everyone and their mother from the community goes to, graduate and go to community college and get an associates degree to then work some 9-5 to afford their rare vacations that aren't even out of the state only to get married and put their kids through the same cycle in the same damn town. Theirs such little difference in the neighbors of these towns and it sickens me.

I was prompted in school today to answer the question, what does being a citizen of the world mean to you. This made me thing to how some people settle for the same town for their entire life when they have so many other cultures, cities, monuments to see and make memories with. Have people really lost their sense of wanderlust?

Maybe I just don't belong in small towns but how can any one belong there? How can someone just choose to stay put somewhere for their entire lives?! At any point in time we can literally fill our tanks up and drive until we're on E. Or buy a cross country train ticket and get off at every big city for a day. And air travel is so easy that we can get ANYWHERE in the world in a matter of a day.

With so many more options available to the younger generations of the world, I beg you, travel to one other country before you start your 9-5. We don't have the luxuries of the day just to work and go watch high school sporting events or sit in an office.


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