The Sims.


I have a cousin who introduced me to the wonderful addicting world of The Sims. We spent everyday together in the summer for a few years and we would literally spend 6 days out of the week playing this game. She had all the expansion packs, which only made the game more fun and interesting. Our summers together ended and I started buying the games for myself.

By this time, The Sims 3 had come out. Compared to The Sims 2, you have much more freedom to change the appearance of the Sims, houses, and furniture within the game. The picture quality was also twelve times crisper and cleaner, in my opinion. I bought one expansion pack before my cat literally killed my old laptop. And when I say killed I mean she waited until I left my laptop on the arm of my couch to go to the bathroom then pushed it over the edge. The screen separated from the keyboard part and the screen cracked and was broken beyond repair. 

A few months later I bought myself a MacBook Pro (the best decision I've made in 17 years). I started buying expansion packs for The Sims to put on my new laptop which grew my love for the game more and more with every Sim. I bought University life, Pets, Island Paradise and many others. With most Expansion Packs you get a new town to live and play in. Each town had its own style about it. For example University life had Simis University which reminds me of any old college town. Pets came with Appaloosa Plains which was like a country town close to water. Island Paradise brought on Isla Paradiso which is a spitin' image of Rio, statue and all (the statue was of like a llama or something instead of Jesus). 

You can also buy new towns in the store. Theses are the towns I have and the actual town I correlate them with:

Sunlit Tides : Hawaii 
Auraoa Skies : Alaska
Monte Vista : Rome or Florence Italy 
Bridgeport: New York
Theres one that reminds me of L.A., but I can't remember the name. 

All this being said, my hat is off to The Sim Developers. Bravo you sly dogs.  

*If any of my readers follow Quxxn of Youtube you may or may not know she passed earlier this year. She was a die hard Sim lover and is half the reason I've purchased so many Expansion Packs. I dedicate this post to her life and Sim-livelyhood. R.I.P. 


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