"Money can't butyl happiness but it can buy you things, which is pretty close to happiness."

I've seen this quote, or posts similar to it, all over twitter for the past years or so. I imagine spoiled kids who've gotten everything they've wanted all their lives abide by this statement; or even people who have endless rivers of money flowing into their pockets. But the average person can't, per say, live like this without causing serious finantial issues for themselves. 

I've wanted to live a life where I could buy what I wanted, when I wanted and not think twice about it. Over the past few years I've created a decent starting point for this. Generally I purchase what I want whenever and it feels GOOOOOOD! 

Granted it's never really any fun to spend your hard earned money but when you can hold up an item and say "I wanted this, I worked my slave job(I don't have a a slave job, it's actually the exact opposite but it does tire me out at times) and boutght this with my hard earned cash. The feeling of independence and security is indescribable. It's very much so comparable to the sensation chocolate or coffee can give you. 

I'm not saying your life should revolve around material things because you'll make all the people in your life end up wanting to strangle you, but you should know this satisfaction even if it's just from buying a pair of stockings with those seductive lines up the back. 

I bought myself an iPad today (4 years late, I know). Mind you, I've been harping on the fact that I've wanted one for the past year. Luckily I had a friend who wanted to get rid of her relatively new iPad. 200 bucks and it was all mine! 

I haven't put it down since I got home and updated it, hence this post. 

Goodnight, xx. 


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