even in online school, you still have to deal with snotty girls...

I was in traditional high school for about a month, literally. I believe my 9th grade school year started on like Tuesday the 4th of September, and I left on the 10th of october. The way the schools academic and attendance program was set up was, if you missed more than 10 days in the trimester (that is 3 semesters so you can take every useless elective there is), you would automatically fail your classes and have to come in and do an enormous amount of extra work to get your credits.

1. if I'm already absent a lot what makes you think I'm going to do EXTRA time to catch up
2. i worked all those days, couldn't there be and exception?

My mother and I were fed up at this point so when I finally left, we walked out of that school middle-fingers blazing! (not really, my mom had some choice words about the school after we were home but my middle finger did popped up once on the way out.). We tried the traditional homeschooling where she taught me everything but that always ended in a screaming battle on why I don't understand trigonometric equations. (linear equations are my version of trigonometry). Finally we found a beautiful online high school program that would let you finish high school at your own pace! Oh, happy day!

I only needed to finish core classes with my first program before they switched me, because the program ended,  and through 10th and 11th grade thats what I did. I failed my Algebra 2 A in 11th grade and now my senior year I'm finishing up everything to graduate this June with the new program. The only differences I have to take electives.

My new Algebra teacher requires us to come into a Live Lesson every day except thursday. A Live Lesson is basically a virtual classroom with a white board where a teacher can talk to us and we have a little chat pod which is equivalent to the classroom chatter and background noise. Me being the sassy, sarcastic, borderline beeyotch that I am, I just assume many of the other kids in this program don't get out a lot and use the live lesson chat pod to fill their daily quota of human interaction. When we get into the room they all HAVE to answer the teachers yes or no questions and they can create a tangent conversation over the slightest thing.

Like any classroom you get The Chatty Kathy's, The Helpful Smart Kids, The Annoying Smart Kids,  The Wallflowers, and The Teachers Pets & Enforcers. Today, the one day I decide to participate by interacting with the other kids, one of our teachers little Enforcers decides to put her bitch shirt on. Mind you she's done this before (actually she does it every fucking day).Like, if we have tech problems and we all are flitting around on the side while our teacher fixes the issue, she'll be the first one to type, "Guys stop chatting, its confusing Teacher" or "Maybe if you stop talking(chatting), it'll help the problem" or "Chill out guys your so overwhelming". Its like she obviously chose online school because someone in traditional school got tired of her attitude if oyu catch my drift.

After three weeks of her attitude I've just had enough. Of course, this being a school setting and not Facebook I cant just call her out in the Live Lesson like, "Yo, put down the Oatmeal with a side of Bitch today.", because that violates the whole cyber bullying clause yada yada ya...

Mind you this incident happened 30 minutes ago.. Today we were going through some problems and another student and I were talking about how we hated a certain type of problems. We joked about how we get brain hemorrhaging and the spins form them. We had no intention of prolonging this joke and by the time little miss Enforcer jumped in it was over. Before The Enforcer even said anything, Teacher had even laughed and commented on our jokes to each other. I said something about how I'll be out of the class by that certain point because I failed the Algebra 2 A part and can avoid the types of problems we don't like. 2 mindless comments later we were done with he topic. No one was typing at this point (we have a nifty little feature that tells you who's typing). Then suddenly I see Enforcers name pop up. She said "How about you pay attention so you don't fail again. ". Then Teachers like "Thanks Enforcer". I swiftly comment "I can still hear whats being said, but thanks for your concern.". A little later in the class Teacher makes an example and I ask her to zoom in just a touch. Enforcer get keyboard happy ONCE AGAIN and says "Asia, there is a zoom in button on the screen. " Im increasingly getting irritated with her so I say "Ive tried that, why do you think I'm asking her to zoom in on her end?". Then our second kind of "teachers-aid" notices the tension. He makes a suggestion and I thank him.

These aren't huge issues but we as women know when someone is just being as annoying and smart-ass-y as possible. The only time Enforcer jumps in is to reprimand someones insignificant remarks. She says its distracting. Hello ! By the time you get to high school you should be able to block out distractions. I didn't know that these anti social technology cave dwellers could have such an attitude. You are in online school sweetie, you have time to get all that suppressed anger out. And if she's so mad that people are talking in the live lesson,  don't come to it then. If this Enforcer becomes a teacher, Im praying for all her victims. I have until January with this class so expect updates on little miss Enforcer and her attitude.

Im so glad this is my last year... When I'm in college ill only have to deal with trashy girls stench from the night before.


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