Anonymity has a Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi ...

First Mobil post !! Woohoo! 

Every since I created my twitter account, I followed a multitude of anon accounts. They had a free-ness that regular accounts couldn't have with the whole " whatever you do on the internet affects your future opportunities" hanging over their heads that forces them to filter their tweets and posts. I even had my little stent with an anon account myself (shhhh). Dipping back into that always was appealing to me but it was so time consuming and almost seemed to take over your life. So many anons I followed said more than once they tweet from their anon accounts than their personal one.  I'm opinionated and brutally honest so it seems like the perfect fit for me. But it's never seemed to work out right. 

I've acquired a plethora of twitter handles to follow that fit my taste. Today I found one called @societygrl who also has a blog. Apparently she participated in one of the Americas Next Top Model cycles and felt the stress of the industry. She took her experiences and turned it into a career (what a coincidence !). Her blog is similar to what I want mine to be. 

Seeing her blog and twitter have given me some encouragement to pursue this and all my other goals. This could be a sign ( o.O ).... 

Check societygrl out for yourself!



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